Walk with apperception, pay attention to where we walk, even if it is our daily route. With this gesture our senses less accustomed to paying attention will reveal sounds, textures and smells that went unnoticed. The Salt pans de O Ulló and Larache are a privileged environment for its natural and historical values, but it is also a place of leisure and wellbeing for every visitor they receive.

Caring for our heritage is everyone’s responsibility. Both natural and cultural heritage are inalienable and have an enormous value. We have the duty and obligation to preserve and conserve it. The salt mines of O Ulló and Larache are unique places that must not disappear under any circumstances. Even more, they must be shown to the whole area and also to the visitors of our territory. The enhancement will always have an impact, as long as it is done in a responsible way and prioritising the conservation of these areas.

Constructions in the O Ulló salt pans
Constructions in the O Ulló salt pans

The loss of biodiversity will be the human disease of the next century. It is up to us to halt the loss of biodiversity on our planet. Starting from our own territory, we all have the power to do so. The balance between species and their habitat is essential so that when problems arise there are adaptations to cope with them. Life’s problems are diluted and trivial with greater diversity of animals and plants and become more dangerous and persistent when biodiversity is reduced or even only one species of animal or plant remains. We must maintain the balance in order to survive for ourselves and the other species in our environment and on the planet.

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